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Turn your photos into DVDs

When was the last time you looked through that old box of photos?
When was the last time you watched a DVD?

Tired of searching through shoeboxes and photo albums for a photo
you know you have, but can't put your finger on?
Let us help you organize your photos in a digital format.
DVD photo albums are not as bulky as paper photo albums
and are not subject to the same wear and tear.
You can organize your DVD photo albums to make it easy
to find and view your cherished images.

Preserve your Memories

Fluctuations in humidity and temperature, light, and
handling are major enemies to photos. All of these dangers can be minimized.
Storing your photos in dark, cool storage is the answer.
While that is great for the life expectancy of your photos, it discourages viewing.
Now you can preserve your photographic images on DVD.
DVDs will not degrade with age or after playing many times,
like videotape. DVDs have the same expected longevity as CD-R discs.

Share your Memories

Our DVD Photo Albums make wonderful gifts.
Create theme-based DVDs to give as anniversary, birthday, graduation,
Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or retirement gifts.
These gifts are sure to become cherished by all who receive them.

Legal Note - Please Read!

We can incorporate your choice of music in your video so long as it is music
you have purchased from a legitimate vendor for your own personal in-home use.
If any music subject to copyright is used in your video,
you will be strictly prohibited from selling,
copying or publishing any copies of the video we make for you.
Your use of the video must be limited solely to your own
personal in-home viewing without charge.
It is against the law to reproduce copyrighted material
for the purpose of selling it to third parties.
US Law only allows for you to make one backup copy
of any software or media for personal and archival purposes,
which is the ONLY intended use for our services.
Our services are not meant for those who intend on breaking copyright laws.

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