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Steps For Selecting Your Pictures

1. Gather the pictures you would like in the presentation.
A minimum of 40 pictures makes a nicer presentation than less.
40 pictures will run for about 5 minutes.
100 pictures will run about 13 – 14 minutes.

2. Put the pictures in the order you want
to be shown on the presentation.
Usually pictures are put in chronological order.

3. Some types of pictures to choose are:
Baby pictures, teen years, wedding pictures,
family pictures, travel, sports and any other activities that depict their life.
Even some fun pictures. This presentation is telling
the story of one’s life and will be a family keepsake
that can be viewed by different generations.

4. If you would like captions on some of the pictures,
please write them on a small post-it-note and attach it to the pictures.
It is always nice to have dates of special occasions or names
of some of the people that are in the pictures.
A description of the picture may be suitable when it is not obvious.

5. Choose the music you would like attached.
Whether it is some favorites of your loved one
or some music you feel would be suitable.

6. The number of songs you would need depends on the length
of the song and the number of pictures.
40 pictures could be 2 short songs of 2.5 minutes each
or one 5 minute song.
100 pictures you would need approximately 4 songs at 3.5 minutes each.

7. Choose an opening and closing picture for the
beginning and the end of the presentation.

We can produce a beautiful and memorable
visual presentation and keepsake.

We always have a copy and can make additional copies at a later date.

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