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*The DJ's listed above are not affiliated with Kedespo Photography LLC or Class Reunion Photography (Ed Esposito and Greg Grizzell).

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Top 10 Reasons To Book a DJ

10. Any song, any artist

9. All music styles

8. More efficient stage area

7. DJ can play cocktail, dinner and dance music

6. No breaks

5. Better volume control

4. Greater musical value

3. Two words, "Spice Girls" (or NOT)

2. DJ can please more guests

1. Only one mouth to feed

The Spin On DJ Agencies

A DJ "agency/service" is primarily in the marketing business. Their foremost concern is "booking a gig", regardless of talent availability. Generally speaking, they are an employment agency, not a talent agency.

The person who owns or manages the "agency" is responsible for advertising, marketing, telemarketing, buying and servicing equipment, updating the music library and finally, recruiting and training part-time disc jockeys. As you can see, "agencies" generate large operating expenses.

"Agency's" fees can run $200-$500 or more, for a 4 hour reunion. With all the expense the "agency" incurs, perhaps you're not getting the "talent" for which you're paying. Keep in mind, that when you employ an "agency" the actual DJ working your reunion or event is usually paid an hourly rate, receiving, maybe $15.00 an hour. Maybe a little more.

With the value you place on your entertainment and the price you're paying for that service, you deserve the best an accomplished professional.

Indoors or Outdoors

Usually reunions and events are held indoors. Many are now being held at out-of-doors locations.

If you plan to have an outdoor reunion or event, be sure to tell your DJ. Make sure they do not have a problem with an outdoor event

Make arrangements to have suitable cover over the stage or DJ area in case of inclement weather.

Make sure an adequate number of electrical outlets are available for the DJ. Check with your DJ to establish how many outlets are needed.

The Contract

The first thing you should do after selecting your DJ is secure a contract from the individual or company.

This will insure that you get what you want from the entertainment. It should be written in plain, easy to understand language and contain the following terms:

Times (Start/Finish)
Overtime Policy & Fee
Deposit Policy & Amount
Cancellation Policy
Travel Fee (if any)
Final payment

Prices or Fees

Prices will vary from DJ to DJ.

When making your selection consider experience, reputation, availability, professionalism and style.


Most DJ's require a deposit when signing a contract for an engagement. Deposits may range in amounts from 20% to 50% of the total entertainment fee.

The contract should specify under what circumstances you might forfeit the deposit. The deposit should be fully refundable if the entertainer is unable to perform.

Final Payment

Final payment for musical services will be determined in the contract. The method of payment (check/cash) should be agreed upon prior to the engagement.


When you book a DJ, you will have someone on hand to MC the festivities. Announcements shouldn't pose a problem for any performer.

Simply write your announcements on a card and give it to the person who is handling the MC duties.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of qualified entertainers from which to choose. *We have worked with the two independent DJ's listed on this page.   Both are qualified and professional. Ask questions, and talk to your friends. You'll feel confident that your music is in good hands if you proceed equipped with as much information as you can get.

Remember, everyone attending will appreciate your attention to this major detail.

*The DJ's listed are not affiliated with Kedespo Photography LLC or Class Reunion Photography (Ed Esposito and Greg Grizzell).


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Would you like a class DVD?



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